PROGRAM 2017/2018

Courses can be in English or Italian. We decided to use a policy to present them. In each brochure you can find a calendar presenting all the available courses. The description has been added in a brochure only if a course will be provided in that specific language.


The unstoppable evolution of technology and the parallel innovation of jobs are generating the request from industry of new professional profiles that go beyond their specialized competences (“hard skills”). To address this need, new teaching methods are being introduced in academic education for stimulating learning based on passion and individual attitudes. The goal is that of privileging flexible and multidisciplinary approaches, with particular attention to project based methodologies.

This proposal of innovative teaching wants to follow this international trend and proposes a set of extra-curricular courses/activities that, based on the competences acquired in the regular courses, allow the student to experiment new ways of learning through the interaction with instructors, companies, as well as with national and international organizations.

In particular, the proposal includes courses oriented to:

  • Acquire competences on general purpose tools and methodologies
  • Multidisciplinary and project oriented activities
  • Company driven activities, team work, direct interaction with other students (workshops, contests, hackathons).

Hard Skills Courses Brochure (.pdf)


The proposal of innovative teaching is based on the assumption, confirmed by a large number of success stories at international level, that there are several “personal capabilities” (so called “soft skills”) able to support and even strengthen, if properly trained and used, the technical and scientific skills that academic programs provide. They also improve the performance not only at university but also during professional career after graduation: from the acquisition of techniques for fast and persistent memorization, to strategies for the optimization of the study quality/time ratio; from the definition of a dynamic action plan for the achievement of the personal vision of professional growth to the knowledge of the signals of body language and their use for the improvement of the communication skills; from the acquisition of creative and psychological instruments  for the definition, management and dissemination of  innovative ideas to the strategies for the improving the impact of public presentation of research projects.

Soft Skills Courses Brochure (.pdf)